Green Industry Certification

Green Industry Certification Green Industry Certification Green Industry Certification

Green is an industry that in its production process prioritizes efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources in a sustainable manner so that it is able to align industrial development with the preservation of environmental functions and can provide benefits to society. The green industry has several principles, including efficient and effective use of raw materials, optimizing process performance in the company's production, meeting quality requirements, adopting a good management system, using technology that makes processing environmentally quality raw materials effective.

PT Global Inspeksi Sertifikasi as a Green Industry certification body, has the authority and responsibility to carry out Green Industry certification activities. PT Global Inspection Certification participates in realizing the Green Industry through recognition stating that industrial companies have met Green Industry Standards.

Scope of the PT GIS Green Industry Certification Institute:

  • SIH Crumb Rubber Industry (SIH 22123.1:2021)
  • SIH Rubber Smoking in the form of Ribbed Smoked Sheet Rubber (SIH 22121.1:2021)
  • SIH Milk Powder Processing Industry (SIH 10520.1:2018)
  • SIH Ammonia Industry and Urea Fertilizer Industry, SP-36 Fertilizer, and Ammonium Sulfate Fertilizer (SIH 20112.1:2023 dan SIH 20122.1:2023)
  • SIH Ceramic Tile Industry (SIH 23929.1:2022)
  • SIH Batik Industry (SIH 13134:2023)
  • SIH Water Based Paint Industry (SIH 20221.1:2019)
  • SIH Cultural Paper Industry (SIH 17012:2019)
  • SIH Palm Oil Cooking Oil Industry (SIH 10437:2019)
  • SIH Paper Pulp Industry and Paper Pulp Industry Integrated with Paper (SIH 17011.1:2018)
  • SIH Portland Cement Industry (SIH 23941.1:2018)
  • SIH Fabric Finishing Textile Industry and Fabric Printing Textile Industry (SIH 13132:2022 and SIH 13133:2022)
  • SIH Flat Glass (SIH 23111.1:2020)
  • SIH Coated Steel Sheet Industry (SIH 24102.2:2023)
  • SIH Mineral Water Industry (SIH 1i050.1:2020)
  • SIH Solid Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizer Industry (SIH 20123.1:2020)
  • SIH Organic Solvent Based Paint Industry (SIH 20221.2:2020)
  • SIH Basic Oleochemical Industry Sourced from Vegetable Oil (SIH 20115.1:2021)
  • Cooking Spices and Food Flavorings
  • Rayon Viscose Staple Fiber
  • Billet, Bloom, Beam Blank, Profile Steel and Steel Pipe

Green Industry Certification
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