Public market

Certificate Public market Public market (SNI 8152:2021)

People's Market is a market with a fixed location in the form of a number of shops, kiosks, stalls and other forms with certain management which is a place for buying and selling through a bargaining process.

People's Market certification objectives:

  • As a guide for market managers in managing and building people's markets. Can empower the people's market community
  • Can empower the People's Market community
  • Products circulating in the market comply with regulations and increase consumer protection
  • More professional and become a competitive trading facility against shopping centers, shops, malls, plazas, and other trading centers.

Does not apply to:

  • Markets that trade special commodities (thematic markets), such as animal markets, flower markets.
  • A market that only provides a place to buy and sell one or a group of commodities.
  • A market in which bargaining is not possible
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